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Apt surname, Casper. Too busy or not prepared to write it? Let me do it and then disappear...

Make your dream come true. Your ideas, my words, your property.

Ghostwriting is a great option for a number of reasons.

Sometimes you admire a style of another writer but can’t capture it. You have all the ideas but can’t get the voice down. Using your ideas, I can write the piece so that it captures what you want to say the way you want to say it.

Other times, you’re just too busy to be writing memos, emails, blog posts, ebooks that would make great lead magnets…. You have a life to live and need to hire someone to do this sort of work.

Employing a ghostwriter will lighten your workload.

And you can still take all the credit…and the profits.

Test it out, send me an idea and I can work up an estimate and some writing examples.

Everyone’s needs are different. Depending on your target audience and the type of materials you need, quotes will vary. A series of blog posts is an ongoing project, an ebook is generally a one-off. Use the contact form below.

  • You don’t write it, I do
  • I don’t get credit, you do
  • That is, it looks like you wrote it
  • You are protected by a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
  • Need help keeping up with your blog?
  • Want to offer an ebook to subscribers?
  • Need a memo written to your company?
  • Want to be the author of a book?
  • Blog Posts
  • Memos
  • Emails
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Instructions
  • Lessons
  • Just about anything!
  • It’s a non-disclosure agreement
  • It means that no one will ever know I wrote for you
  • You claim all the credit
  • The work becomes solely your property
  • I surrender all rights to you
  • You can earn money from the writing and I get nothing
  • You don’t have to worry
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Send me a little note. Let’s see if we’re a good fit.