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The book cover must get them to read the first line.

Think like a reader, not like a writer. Covers need to make a reader feel something rather than tell them something.
–J. Pepper Bryars

You can pay hundreds of dollars for a book cover. Or not.

I use templates I have paid for to make book covers.

They come out beautifully. Take a look at some of the templates below and see if anything interests you. This is just a small sample of what I have so that you can view a few genre possibilities.

If you don’t like what I come up with, don’t pay me. That’s the guarantee.

If you do, it’s just $49. If you want to add a back cover that coordinates in the case of a paperback, that’s also $49. It will leave room for your ISBN and include whatever verbiage you like to draw the reader in further.

We can even run some tests and you can post thumbnails on your Facebook page to gauge people’s reactions and get feedback prior to buying.

A book cover is the first your reader sees. It should make them feel something, and it should express what they will experience by reading your story.

  • It needs to fit your genre
  • It needs to evoke emotion
  • It should make the reader ask a question
  • It should give them a window into the story
  • The colors should also convey emotion and story
  • The design should be simple and direct
  • The title should stand out
  • It should get them to open the book
  • Be clear on your audience
  • Think about what you do and don’t want on your cover
  • Answer what is the “why” of your story
  • What emotion do you feel when you read your story?
  • Name the genre and sub-genres and share that with me
  • Think about the colors that convey the raw emotion in your story
  • An ebook only needs a front cover
  • A paperback needs a back cover as well
  • I do not do hardbacks with flaps at this time
  • I can provide you with 3-D marketing materials for a small fee
  • You can use the images I create for advertising
  • I can help you upload it to CreateSpace
  • You must be satisfied; I will re-do it until you are
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